Maintenance-Free Operation

The Andex ProLine rakes feature a unique drive system, which comprises oil-immersed pinion and crown wheels. The fully enclosed design ensures full and permanent lubrication, and makes the entire system absolutely maintenance-free.

Our extensive experience guarantees well proven technology of the highest standard. The hardened cam track is adjustable and features a flat curve and an extremely large 400 mm diameter, giving positive guidance to the steel rotors and quiet machine running.

The optimised shape of the curve disc allows the tine arms to exit the crop faster, leaving a more uniform swath formation. Aluminium bearing housings, with two integral ball bearings and wide support, provide solid and maintenance-free tine arm mounting. Additionally all tine arms including housing are removed by simply removing 3 bolts. Fast and easy!

  • All tine arms including housing can be removed individually by just removing 3 bolts.
  • Injection moulded aluminium tine arm support housings provide strength and reduced weight.
  • Steplessly adjustable cam track for easy adaptation to different amounts and sorts of crop.
  • Oil-immersed crown wheel and pinion reduces wear to a minimum.
  • Pinion gear with two bearings separate from the main drive line, keeping pinion and crown wheel securely in place.
  • Flat 400 mm cast iron cam track with optimised shape, for smooth tine arm control and reduced running speed.
  • Unique 4-point ball bearing on crown wheel ensures efficient power transfer to the tine arms.
  • Guide rollers with hardened surface minimises wear on cam track and cam follower.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings with large distance for excellent support of tine arm shafts.

The Vicon range of ProLine Andex rakes includes the following models:

  • Andex 424 – 464, single rotor rakes
  • Andex 774, two rotor side delivery rake
  • Andex 784-844, 1104, centre swath rakes.
  • Andex 1504, four rotor rake with 15m working width.

 11. June 2012