The New Loader Wagon

Feedex and Alpex is the new generation of loader wagons

Vicon is introducing a new updated range of loader wagons, Feedex and Alpex, replacing the old K and TL series. A major change is the new 5 feeder comb loading unit, which is available from Feedex 360 T onward. The new loading unit combines the advantages of stronger design and form fitting mounting into the frame.

The new generation of feed comb loader wagons is recognised under the
new name Feedex.

Feedex Loader Wagons – New Feature 5 Feeder Comb
The new Feedex loader wagons are still equipped with the wearless arm controlled loading units. In addition to this feature Vicon has introduced the new 5 feeder comb loading unit, which offers the following advantages:

  • Each of the feeder combs consists of a through-going tube ensuring maximum strength and precision.
  • The 5 feeder comb loading unit is form fitting linked to the frame. This way any stress on the loading unit will be absorbed by the strong frame and not only via the bolts. This ensures sustainability especially in heavy conditions. 

Feedex 422 – New Cross Conveyer Belt.
An extra benefit is based on the optional left/right cross conveyor, for daily feeds to include fresh-cut forage, easily installed via connectors and couplers. When harvesting silage, the operator will remove the unit within a few minutes, to ensure full use of the 12-ton.

The new Alpex compact loader wagons.

Alpex Loader Wagons – New features
The new Alpex loader wagons are still equipped with the wear less arm controlled three or four feeder comb loading units. Additionally technical details have been updated to improve the overall usability of the machines as low loader wagons.

  • The Alpex 220 and Alpex 280 will be equipped with a foldable front wall instead of the former net solution.
  • An additional net over the tailgate covers the back of the low loader wagon and ensures safe transport of the load.
  • Hydraulically foldable superstructure is available on both models, to ensure comfortable operation in situations with restricted height.
  • Strengthening of the silage cutting unit ensures sustainability.

26th October 2010