Vicon iXtrack T4

A newly designed trailed sprayer of Vicon. Precise, easy and effective, with tank volumes from 3400 up to 4600 litres with steel and aluminum boom types available from 18 up to 40 metres. 

Vicon iXtrack T4 – Every Crop Deserves the Best Care

The iXtrack T4 is the new high precision trailed sprayer from Vicon. The iXtrack T4 is developed in cooperation with farmers and designed for precise, easy and cost effective spraying.

The advantages

  • Stability: the iXtrack T4 is equipped with a newly middle frame and balancing system. The balancing systems are having the advantage of a perfect boom guidance at higher speed and with total respect of the optimal nozzle distance to the crop, which results in highest efficiency of the application and reducing drift to a minimum level.
  • Ease of use: the iXtrack T4 is developed in cooperation with farmers and designed for precise, easy and cost effective spraying.
  • Precision spraying: The single central frame, in combination with the special shaped parallelogram arms, create room for high tyres and allow a maximum steering angle of 32 degrees. This ensures maximum steering possibilities with a tight turning radius, even on 1.50m track. 
  • Intelligent electronics: the iXtrack T4 series is 100% ISOBUS compatible as standard. The innovative iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface guarantees an user friendly operation of the sprayer.
  • Liquid management: the tank outlet is close to the pump and valve panel, so short hoses are used to minimise rest liquid. Together with the hydrant filling option it is now possible to use clean intake water for the chemical inductor and clean it already immediately after filling.
  • Connectivity: the first step into the world of connectivity with our IsoMatch applications. Connect yourself easily to your machine with IsoMatch FarmCentre, IsoMatch TopService or IsoMatch TopRemote.
iXtrack T4 
Tank capacity  3400 litres 4000 litres 4600 litres
Spray booms HSA 21 - 33m / HSS 18 - 40m
Drawbar Top- or hitch linkage in combination with pulling eye or ball coupling
Wheel axle Adjustable, 1.50 - 2.25m
Pumps 200 - 260 - 2x 200 - 2x 260 l/min
Clean water tank 500 litres
Regulation systems IsoMatch Grip in combination with IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or any other ISOBUS terminal
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