Vicon iXtra

Så mycket mer än extravolym

Den nya fronttanken iXtra finns med en tankkapacitet på 1100 liter. Totalvolymen med den största burna sprutan i iXterserien blir då närmare 3000 liter. Ett prisvärt alternativ även för bogserade eller självgående sprutor där du vill öka kapaciteten ytterligare. Ixtra kan skötas manuellt genom hantering via kontrollpanelen på iXtern likväl som på iXtra. Den manuella versionen är även kompatibel med alla våra kontrollsystem, från den enkla EC fjärrkontrollen till IsoMatch Tellusterminalen. 


  • Smidig och miljövänlig design
  • Låg och kompakt design för utmärkt överblick över fältet
  • Helintegrerad och skyddad nivåindikator som du lätt ser från traktorhytten
  • Sensor för automatiskt stopp av omrörningen när tanken är tom
  • Enkel omrörning och rengöring; inga extra kontakter eller kraftöverföringsaxlar behövs

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Tekniska specifikationer

iXtra 1100 Comfort 1100 Pro
Nominell tankkapacitet 1100 (l) 1100 (l)
Maximal tankkapacitet 1300 (l) 1300 (l)
Renvattentankkapacitet 2x 65 (l) 2x 65 (l)
Elektrisk pumpkapacitet 25 (l/min) 25 (l/min)
Tomvikt 221 (kg) 223 (kg)
Koppling Cat II Cat II
Nivåindikering Mek El
Kontrollpanel Man El (ISOBUS)
Regulationsystem FMC / IsoMatch Tellus PRO / IsoMatch Tellus GO FMC / IsoMatch Tellus PRO / IsoMatch Tellus GO
iXclean iXclean Comfort iXclean Comfort /iXclean Pro
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra
Vicon iXtra

Dual Tank Strategy

The dual tank strategy with independent filling offers you the possibility to work with two separate spray tanks or cleverly, as one large sprayer with automatic balancing of tank contents. If needed, spray liquid can be transferred in both directions.

The iXtra concept with combined functions gives you more flexibility while spraying:

- One-tank approach: both tanks are filled with spray liquid it boosts overall tank capacity by 60% (automatic level system).

- Two-tank approach: filled with two different tank mixes, the front and rear tanks can be used as two independent spray tanks

- Reservoir approach: filled with clean water or a concentrated product the iXtra front tank can be used as a reservoir for later use, for example in another field or crop.

Fully Integrated Design

Fully Integrated Design

The iXtra offers you a completely integrated concept. The two clean waters tank with level indicators are part of the design, as well as the quick hitch system and control panel.

Easy Set Control Panel

The valve panel on the front tank is used for draining, agitation and cleaning. An electric pump guarantees mixing and cleaning, independently from the rear sprayer. You can select the front tank from the cab or throught the Easy Set valve panel on the iXter sprayer.

Easy to Fit, Simple to Unhitch

Without a front PTO shaft or hydraulic hoses, hitching the iXtra is extremely simple: it uses only two hoses with KAMlock connections and an electrical cable - it really is that simple!

Easy Operation 

The iXtra front tank uses the functions of the iXter sprayer when filling and spraying. This avoids the need - or additional cost - for a separate induction hopper or spray pump for the front tank. All the necessary controls are conveniently located on the sprayer and are operated from the Easy Set valve panel on the iXter. 

Manual control panel

Easy hitching

Control System

FlowMate Control FMC: Basic Spray Computer

  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Very compact by integration of all spraying and hydraulic functions
  • Integrated nozzle advice
  • Field memory for 25 different fields


  • Electrical Level Indicator
    The electrical level indicator on the front tank provides actual tank volume to a spraying computer as well as via the external display on the Easy Set control panel of the iXter mounted sprayer.


  • iXclean Comfort
    iXclean Comfort is a semi automatic valve control system. The combination of an electrical level indicator and suction valve provides operator comfort and accuracy: automatic fill stop when the programmed level is reached and remote control of all ENFO rinsing and priming functions out of your tractor cab! Simply prime the spray lines before you start and rinse them afterwards or even during an unexpected weather break, without stepping out of your cab!


  • ENvironmental FOcus (ENFO)
    ENFO priming and rinsing is standard on all our spray computers. This smart technology optimizes filling and cleaning of the spray lines. Accurate application, no waste of chemicals and saving water are the benefits for you and your environment. 

Automatic priming or rinsing of spray lines

We care about your crop!


IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is an additional software application within the IsoMatch Tellus that helps you to control all ISOBUS compatible Kverneland Group machines such as sprayers, spreaders and seeders! Combined with a GPS receiver it fulfils the future needs in terms of easy, smart and efficient farming.

  • Section control: Automatic switching on and off implement sections on headlands, boundaries and already covered areas to minimise overlap.
  • Variable rate control: Automatically adjusts the implement application rate based on input from the field prescription.
  • Documentation: Saves all operational job data and field maps for exchange via USB to farm management information systems.
  • Manual guidance: Advised driving position using guidance lines in the field and on headlands. Smart boundary recording: independent from the working width, even without any implement corrected. Boundary shrinking: create new inner boundaries by setting the desired width of the headland. Manual guidance for all operations, includes non-electric or non-ISOBUS implements.

IsoMatch GEOCONTROL - The Advantages

  • Easy and comfort of operation, due to not having to manually switch on or off sections or change the application rate. You can focus 100% on driving in the field.
  • More efficient work and avoiding overlap leads to cost savings of 5-10% on spraying liquid. Better growing conditions and increased yield.
  • With IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, working at night becomes very easy. IsoMatch GEOCONTROL reduces the workload considerably.

For further information regarding our iM FARMING concept go to

Spraying at night

IsoMatch InLine light bar

Advised driving position using guidance lines